Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NYC: eat our heart out!

Welcome again to wonderwanderwomen's further adventures in New York City! 

This time, we had great fun staying over for three days - sparing us the usual commute and freeing us to be as meanderly as we pleased. 

We were grateful for our lovely room at The Broome in SoHo - a cute little Frenchy boutique hotel. 

The Broome in SoHo

Top on our agenda, the traditional dinner and dose of coffee that precedes a Broadway show. Unfortunately when we stumbled into Kodama Sushi we were starving and footsore. We gobbled everything up without thinking to take any photos at all! We did manage to snag a postcard.

We really need to try the Kinky Roll next time.
The Kodama and Ten-zaru Soba bento boxes were delicious, the service was lovely, and the place was big and busy but not too crazy. Although the tables were very close together this ended up a boon for us. 

We sat next to a very entertaining pair beside us - obvious insiders in the theatre industry. We tried not to eavesdrop at first, but their conversation was so fascinating. Soon we were eating in silence - hanging on their every word.

Next we needed a laid-back place in which to wait for the show. Our search for dessert and coffee was on! Il Forno turned out to be just around the corner - serving wonderful (and deep!) cappuccinos. Their recommended dessert was glazed carrot cake. No wonder they taut it their best - so soft, moist and creamy.

They have a picturesque interior - tromp'lei walls reminiscent of Italian street cafes. 

The next morning we broke our fast at one of NYC's classic institutions - Balthazar Brasserie. As usual it was popularly crowded, but we managed to cram our generously large breakfast platters - of brioche French toast with crisp fatty thick-cut bacon and our bowl of cappuccino - onto our tray-size itty-bitty corner table.

Lovely Details: Framed giant antique mirrors, mosaic floors and caryatids holding up the beams over the bar.

Later that afternoon we met up with a friend who recently ran the Boston marathon and was in NYC for her sister's wedding. We got together with her awesome family and eventually run riot with them through the American Museum of Natural History - ala 'A Night at the Museum'.

That will have to wait for another post. In the meantime, there's lunch!

Cafe Frida is a Mexican restaurant on Columbus Street, behind the museum. We enjoyed the quesadillas, shrimp enchiladas, soft tacos of lamb, grilled skirt steak and a creamy salmon. Yummy as they were though the real stars were our trio of desserts.

Coconut flan, flourless chocolate lava cake and, our fave, Tres Leches cake. Mmmm.

This cappuccino wins our vote for Foamiest. Also for Cinnamoniest. We are in collusion that many things should aspire to be Cinnamoniest - yes.

Sugar and Sweetener Server
On the very final morning, we happened on this lovely cafe called Smile to Go. Unfortunately we had already finished breakfast just minutes earlier - at a sleazy little Dunkin Donuts shop. Oops!

We are currently amassing an even longer list of delightful edibles for our next NYC ran. Stay tuned!

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