Wednesday, April 16, 2014

some new jersey seoul food

There are some great Koreatowns built far away from the shores of the homeland, but our most visited Hangul-friendly hangout runs along Broad Avenue between Leonia and Palisades Park, New Jersey.

These are a few of our faves at Son Ja Jang.
For years Mom and her foodie friends have the one Korean restaurant in Palisades Park, which makes amazing traditional handmade noodles and an incomparable sweet and sour pork dish.

I'm a little sensitive and don't always enjoy spicy food, and these noodles, even toned down for us, were pretty spicy. But this time the handmade noodles and black bean sauce were so good that for once I just kept eating! Lots of cold water and pausing to 'take a break' with shrimp fried rice (what a hardship!), and I was surprised to find I had polished off two whole bowlfuls.

Happy eaters at Son Ja Jang
Ambling happily along Broad Street we were thrilled to find several bookstores - including a comic book specialist! - groceries, butchers and fishmongers, and some adorable patisseries. All the bookstores only sell books in Korean, of course, but they also sell Korean crafts, lovely bookmarks of enamel or fabric, and art supplies like Chinese ink and calligraphy brushes.

The numerous cherry trees along the street, even past their prime flowering, definitely added to the Asian flavor.

Our favourite place, though, was the Jubilee Chocolate Cafe.

Jubilee Chocolatier on Broad Avenue
Look at the size of our drinks! I ordered a mocha ice with chocolate ice cream and Mom had a black iced coffee with Earl Grey infusion.

Well hello there, most beautiful milkshake I have ever seen.
 Of course they were both delicious. We probably should have stopped here, but. . . .

Like Hansel and Gretel in sugar house heaven, we caved to the temptations. 
With some help from the lovely staff we picked out customised waffle sandwiches to complement our drinks.

Sweet dreams are pillowed in this lovely flavored whipped cream
and strawberries as succulent as they were pretty. 

Yummy as the blueberries were, bananas
and hazelnut were the day's big winner. 
This lovely little bonbon had berry jelly bottom layer
topped with a creamy mocha mousse. 
All in all the whole day felt much more relaxed than a day in one of the big Asian communities in larger cities. We love the crazy market or tourist atmosphere of those days too, but we often prefer to have quiet days of eating and shopping just like we do back in our own country.

At the bus stop headed home, happily weighed down
with full bellies and our mother load of groceries. 

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