Friday, May 9, 2014

barrio walkabout

Walking around our neighborhood we always find something to intrigue and entertain us. 

In these days of the global village we love to find different ways migrant cultures integrate into and adjust to their relocation. Interesting mutations like Syncretic shops sell a mixture of Catholic saints and varied vodoun or other paraphernalia. Gods, goddesses and figures of ritual are displayed with the Madonnas and Santo NiƱos. 

And there is a large and eclectic religious community. There are Mormons, Catholics, Evangelicals, Muslims...even an Agnostic Society. The most impressive church, though, is the Korean Presbyterian.

Google screenshot of the old Hudson Church - a heritage landmark.
Sadly, this massive church is closed, but you can still walk the grounds and courtyard. We couldn't resist taking loads of pictures of its beautiful bronze doors.

Jewish Community Center
The other churches are not as impressive, but they are lovely.
Our neighborhood also offers little surprises, like a vintage sedan with Cartier windows - classy!

I was fascinated by all the industrialization even in this small suburban area.

Street Sweeper
Union City Public Works - looking derelict.
The Old Hudson Trust Building - now abandoned. 

Like New York, Union City is full of building details we love, and little shops with vintage decor.

Vintage cameras at Technotronic Repair Shop.

You don't need to live in NYC to have a thriving community and fascinating neighborhood.

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