Friday, November 28, 2014

Turning Point, Hoboken NJ

If ever there was an ideal place for brunch, it is at Turning Point.

Serving breakfast, brunch and lunch every day of the week, their specialty is serving everything fresh and from scratch.

At their Hoboken, New Jersey venue there is the added treat of a grand view of the Hudson River and New York City across the water.

You will find it cozily tucked by the north end corner and river side of The Shipyard, Hoboken's prestigious community of high rise towers.

It was Sunday and with no reservations it was an hour's wait for a table. Luckily it was also a beautiful clear day with a slight breeze and just a little nip in the air. 

So we took a walk on scenic Frank Sinatra Drive, along Hoboken’s stunning new Riverfront Promenade and sat on a bench to sun ourselves as we caught up on each other's news and built up our appetites. 

Turning Point insists "fresh is always best," every item on their menu is prepared and cooked as it is ordered.

For #wonderwanderwomen we just love to take our visitors to this favorite place of ours and turn them into lobster eggs benedict addicts! 

The place offers lots of other delicious choices from their extensive menu

But we come here specifically for our regular favorites - listed in the menu under Eggceptional Dishes

Indeed they are - so far we have every reason to be deeply enamored! 

Lobster Benedict
Popeye Skillet

Yes, this is truly what their hot chocolate looks like, with its incredible crown of home made hand whipped cream, drizzled in more chocolate. 

And should you happen to order a plain cup of coffee, it comes in your very own thermos and you may even get the little cow creamer too. 

Have a gloriously Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

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