Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CRATE bar [bakery] & kitchen : a Millennial success story

My niece, her husband and their two baby boys recently moved back to our hometown. 

Both independent and enterprising, they opened CRATE Bar & Kitchen last October and added a bakery as well this January.

Through word of mouth among friends, relatives and social networking it is the latest fun and popular place to hang out, party and enjoy good food and entertainment. 

Located off the main drag in the center of town, near the corner of 18th and Lacson Streets, it is easy to find and get to.

It definitely took a village to raise this baby! Luckily they also had the years of experience and expertise shared by their parents as they envisioned this enterprise.

Able siblings contributed much too. #wanderwonderwomen even pitched in with logo and menu graphic art. 

Biased and proud relatives that we are, we take all our visitors and friends there as often as we can. 

Angel Food Cake Deluxe
Shrimp & Sausage Gumbo
3 of a Kind Sliders - [1] sirloin patty, bacon & bbq sauce;
[2] grilled chix & pineapple; [3] cheeseburger & japapenos

We always end up at Crate for family meals. You really can't go wrong with all the yummy choices - plus the atmosphere is great.

An assortment of table arrangements and private settings make it an ideal place for casual get-togethers of any size. 

Without reservations, be prepared to wait if you have a large party (and even if you don't) - especially on peak times and days. On Fridays they have a DJ and on Saturdays they have a live band to amp up the crowd. Even on regular days the music playlist choices are superb. 

Service is good, meals are consistently tasty and the prices are reasonable.

Crate is turning into a truly Bacolod-ian food destination. Which is saying a lot if you know just how much we love good food in Bacolod!

Cookie ala Mode
Green Apple + Bluberry Cobbler by Chef Arbe
Black Velvet Cake

NOTE: All images courtesy of Crate Bar & Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram.

Frozen Green Appletini
The Haciendero! (sugar, bitters, gin)
A'dios Mother F*cker (5 types of alcohol + Sprite/7Up)
Bartender for the night - Nicolo Torre

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