Wednesday, June 17, 2015

new logo joint collaboration

Fourteen years later I decided to opt for a new logo. It took wonder | wander | women two years to get it done. Not because we were taking our time but because it was important to us.

The change from the former logo to this one was a journey that took us from our former life into this current one. We were in need of a logo that captured this as well as the potential yet to unfold.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

open city | open heart

Living on the fringes of big cities as the wonder | wander | women do, we often get friends passing through. But after hitting the big tourist attractions, taking in a couple of shows, and having tea at the Savoy or drinks under the King Cole mural at the St Regis, our friends can tire of the crowds and famous sights. So we take them to places beloved by locals.

Image courtesy of Lola Abrera

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

a great find : the school of life

Here at wonder | wander | women and wonder | wander | world we are on a roll. Discovering curated sites and think tanks that entertain, educate and enhance us in a variety of ways and on many different levels.

From the most unlikely to the most prolific. From the absurd to the profane. From superficial kitsch to profound collections.

As our appetite to absorb and expand grows and draws more to us so too does our desire to not just accumulate but to understand and better yet, to experiment with and put into application.