Wednesday, August 5, 2015

under an expansive sky

This August finds us relocating to a new home. In the midst of a bustling satellite community - one of many that spill out and surround the periphery of New York City - wonder | wander | women have found a pocket haven with room that breathes new life in an uncommonly rare expansive space.

The Township of Weehawken is perched atop the Palisades on the Hudson River and offers magnificent views of the world famous city skyline. Along with the island of Manhattan, it was originally purchased for "80 fathoms of wampum, 20 fathoms of cloth, 12 brass kettles, 6 guns, one double brass kettle, 2 blankets, and one half barrel of strong beer." 

The name Weehawken is said to have evolved from the Algonquian language spoken by the Hackensack and Tappan of the Turtle Clan, or Unami, a branch of the Lenni Lenape. It means rocks that look like trees - referring to the Palisades, atop which most of the town rests. 

Browse this link for a nostalgic look into the history of Weehawken, New Jersey via pictures, postcards and other artifacts. 

Our personal pocket haven sits along one side of the town's landmark reservoir. Weehawken and Union City recently purchased the dormant Hackensack Reservoir No. 2 from United Water Company. 

As part of the Department of Environmental Protection's Green Acres Program, the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust, and the nonprofit Trust for Public Land - all are working together to transform the 14.4-acre reservoir property, which hasn’t been in operation since 1996, into a passive park with a trail around it. 

wonder | wander | women are happy to welcome you to our neighborhood on this side of the world. 

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