Wednesday, September 9, 2015

our yellow brick road : NYC with friends

Last night was spent in the company of childhood friends - catching up on each others' lives, forging current connections, leaving lasting memories.

Happy well fed us!

What a gift and blessing it is to get to a place in life where the thread that runs through it shows up with clarity. Better even when we have the experience of how it interweaves in and out of each other's lives.

In sharing and exchanging our stories last night this was made manifest with great joy and delight.

When done purposefully, breaking bread together is truly a sacred rite of sharing and exchanging food for body, mind, heart and soul.

When experienced in an atmosphere that supports this, the overall effect and its results are magnified and multiplied. This may well have been the driving nature and context in which Christ fed the multitudes!

On the mundane level we were enjoying a meal together in joyful company.

More profoundly, this intrinsic indigenous shamanic action transcended our individual temperaments - blending and corresponding in counter balance and complementary flavor - compelling and completing each of us.

The mysterious and magical alchemy from ordinary to outstanding has been a popular theory throughout the ages. A favorite is Laura Esquivel's Como Agua Para Chocolate [Like Water for Chocolate] - where food and eating are ritualized and romanticized.

No small wonder! Magical moments truly are miraculous!

Times Square

Port Authority Bus Terminal

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