Wednesday, March 16, 2016

London: under construction

In London, ancient and modern architecture often flow together to make the living city.

This work can be seamless, but even when it's done well it isn't done instantly. A lot of work went into making the London we know and love - and it keeps going.

Cranes sticking up over the buildings are a common sight, even around famous landmarks and high-end neighbourhoods.

London's historic architecture also needs a lot of maintenance and restoration, so older buildings aren't spared. Often tourist attractions are blocked from view by trucks or even covered entirely as they're reconstructed from the inside out.

The roads also need repaving every few years. One of London's busiest routes recently had to be relaid with fresh asphalt to replace its pothole-ridden state.

To avoid the worst of the traffic, surveying and initial construction started at night.

Once the project was up and running, the road was closed for hours at a time. Cars whose owners still parked on the street regardless of signs and warnings were removed.

This fascinating vehicle is called a cold milling machine and was used to cut up and strip off the old pavement. Then trucks poured hot tar and asphalt and steamrollers smoothed it out to a surprisingly mirror-like finish. New road!

It may seem unsightly, but wonder | wander | women grew up around constant urban development and we're fascinated by the process of construction - even the ugly parts.

The process of turning empty warehouse lots or disintegrating, shoddily-built old structures into thriving urban spaces is almost alchemical.

This work is what makes London continuously iconic. Historic landmarks and innovative architecture mix constantly, creating a landscape that is always changing but still, always London.

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