Tuesday, May 31, 2016


This week in London has been very pink!

It's strange to go from blazing summer to a cool mild spring, but we're adjusting to it with the help of all the new growing flowers springing up everywhere this May.

The season of our favourite cherry blossoms passed while we were away in tropical climates, but England, of course, is famous for its roses. Gordon Square, a tiny public park in the Bloomsbury area, has several varieties.

Most garden roses, even the prettiest ones, hardly smell, but some breeds in this park produce an incredibly sweet and strong perfume.

The roses bloom in such profuse bunches they seem to swell with life before your eyes.

The shades of pink and fuchsia grow in lush, thick layers of petals, heavy on the stem.

One wild variety was much lighter on petals, exposing a bright yellow centre as if predicting sunshine to come.

Other flowers also went with the colour of the month, going from a reddish pink with a pale centre to almost purple.

Even the desserts we ate with friends were garnished with fresh pink berries and seasoned with rosewater!

We hope this profusion of pink means summer is on its way.

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