Wednesday, July 27, 2016

summer storms

These past years, summer in New York City is usually a time of spectacular lightning storms. 

Storm clouds over Columbus Circle, NYC

With the city's many skyscrapers equipped with lightning rods, the adage that lighting never strikes twice in the same spot has proved vastly untrue. 

Darkening skies over the Empire State Building, NYC

Yesterday's storm was epic, bringing an aggregate of hot pink lightning, hail, and rainbows! 

#Rainbow over #nyc @adamwade

after ther rain... #rainbow #newyork #nyc by Charles Lahti

The storm warnings were right on the money with a record number of lightning bolts, ground strikes, and decibel blast levels. 

Amid heavy thunder, strong winds, and vicious lightning, intrepid New Yorkers braved these threats to bring us some awesome images. 

Lightning strikes the needle a lot at One World Trade Center, acting as Lower Manhattan's lightning rod, it has gotten hit multiple times within just a few minutes. 

The Empire State Building, is a lightning rod for the Midtown area too. It is struck at least 23 times per year. 

Although it may not be unusual to see nature colliding with these landmarks, it's not always caught on video. Check out this lightning strike on the Empire State early Monday evening, courtesy of Henrik Moltke

Wait for it. . . .

To the ever growing list of ill effects from global warming, an atmosphere that is heating up is said to account for the vastly increased amount of lightning strikes in the United States. 

KABOOM! Be well and stay safe folks. 

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