Thursday, October 20, 2016

the times they are a-changing

The world woke up to the news that Bob Dylan won the Nobel prize in literature

Many are still in shock and we're guessing Bob is too. 

No one predicted Dylan’s victory and yet Bob has done it again. 

While many found the choice surprising, wonder | wander | women found it of no surprise at all. 

We LOVE Bob Dylan and we have loved his work with words for decades! 

We rejoice and yelp in victory. Constantly in a state of becoming.

Who says reading does not matter? Literature is not obsolete. Writers are revered and not forgotten. 

“The frontiers of literature keep widening, and it’s exciting that the Nobel prize recognizes that. I intend to spend the day playing Mr. Tambourine Man, Love Minus Zero/No Limit, Like a Rolling Stone, Idiot Wind, Jokerman, Tangled Up in Blue and It’s a Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall.” ~ Salman Rushdie

"[I]n retrospect, it is oddly, dully, predictable. Of course, if the Nobel committee wanted to show it was hip, it would pick Dylan. Of course if it wanted to show that popular music could be literature, it would pick Dylan. Of course, if it decided to be different and exciting, it would pick Dylan. Dylan’s brand is 'different and exciting'. It has been for going on half a century." Noah Berlatsky  

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