Friday, February 10, 2017

stalking Mahala [again]

One of our first blogs was a quirky funny one on stalking Mahala.

stalked & stalker

Since we live mostly apart [Mahala in the UK, me in the US] we try and make up for it whenever we're together. Here are more shared memories we cherish.

What it took for that pretty river shot.

We are blessed that we do enjoy each other's company and love hanging out together whenever we have the chance.

This holiday break was no different. But because we had less time we stayed glued together most of it.

Our last blog about our garden walks covered our backyard and neighborhood back in the Philippines.

While Mahala was busily taking pictures of it I was surreptitiously taking photos of her.

My object of devotion - ha ha not really but ya.

Watch for it on wonder | wander | world next, our family of heffalumps art work! 

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