Wednesday, March 15, 2017

spring cleansing

The day after a blizzard is not the most hopeful day to look forward to Spring, eager as we all are for its imminent arrival.

It helps to be cocooned in a warm home with savory scents of an oven roast wafting over us as we snuggle up cozily around the fireplace, looking out at an expansive view.

The almost full moon sparkles and glistens over crystalline pristine snow as waves bring in the high tide over the docks.

Geese circle overhead in high winds, most likely confused about which direction to head now. Obviously it's too soon to head back north.

Seagulls squawk noisily, signalling each other to head for safety. Bare branches swaying in the wind look forlorn and distressed, probably regretting being bound to unmovable roots.

After the blizzard f Feb 9

Blizzard of March 14

As wild flurries fade and snowdrifts eventually cease piling up, the sun starts shining. Made bright by nature's whitewash, it fails to cut any warmth through this blistering frost.

Spring may may not have sprung but our clocks are moving forward.

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