Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring rising - the vernal equinox

Last Sunday was the 'official' first day of spring - the vernal equinox!

wonder | wander | women have posted about the vernal equinox before: the point at which night and day equalise, before the days begin lengthening towards the summer solstice.

A few weeks ago a friend brought in the first daffodils of the year, and it was a pleasant shock to see that bright colour after so much grey.

Today the flowers were well on their way, all in different colours!

Our favourite sakura (cherry blossoms) were going strong, alarmingly early instead of their usual blooming time - in late March to early April.

Cherry blossoms are a central image of Japanese poetry; they create the feeling called mono no aware - the piercing transience of ephemeral beauty.

We treasure the blazing colour of spring flowers because we know they only have a few weeks to bloom.

These days we can look back through our pictures and photo streams, but not so long ago this short season of rainbows was the only time people had to enjoy the breathing space between a cold, dead winter and a summer full of heat and labour.

Now as the sun creeps back we can stockpile images of bright growing things, to look at when the sky is grey again.

Happy Spring 2017!

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