Thursday, June 22, 2017

magical manifestations

Tracing our trajectory through the years, wonder | wander | women have much to be grateful for and feel light years away from where we were when we first started this blog.

We have been to many wondrous places.

over the Philippines

out & about in London
in NYC's Museum of Natural History

Is it just us or has life speeded up and is maxing us all out? Time to let go, be allowing, go with the flow?

Oh that sounds sooo good. Is it too good to be true though? Sounds true or is it too simplistic?

What does it matter - really?

summer solstice & full moon 2016

public art in Brick Lane & Whitechapel

Mahala & I at Pippin in NYC

Together or apart Mahala and I stay connected and involved in what's going on for us. Often the separation high lights our connection.

When it works it really does and when it doesn't it's a riot. What an incredible ragged rampant raucous rampage.

across the Hudson

at the Barbican

Philippine artifacts in NYC

Three years and going strong - whoohoo! 

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