Wednesday, July 19, 2017

blatant BHAKTI birthday

wonder | wander | women are great adherents of celebrating occasions well - especially birthdays.

When our birthday came up recently, we chose to celebrate with gusto - declaring to be blatantly Bhakti - we toasted the day with a specially rendered calligraphy by Mahala

Issa's declaration & Mahala's rendition

The words come alive in the bold brash strokes, matched by the bright festive colors that magnified our thrill and joy.

Sending off our New Year prayers.

It encapsulates precious moments we shared through the years and the changes in our lives.

On one of our paradise getaways. 

How mother and child grew up individually. Striking out on personal paths of discovery and evolution.

We are a pair!

Learning to communicate and collaborate whether we agreed or differed. Eventually dovetailing in our joined loves and lives.

Wintering in NYC

We accumulated priceless gifts and teachings along the way. What a wild magnificent ride it's been!

Yet another stellar year added to our lives!

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