Wednesday, August 9, 2017

window shopping - more museum shops!

Ever since our field trip last year we've gotten into the habit of checking out other museum shops whenever we stumble on them. We've never been able to resist a cute bookshop...and now we have a great excuse to linger.

Our favourite is still the new Tate Modern shop in the Switch House extension, with its designer tables, creativity corner, and the adorable reading niches in the kids' section that look like eyes.

The Georgia O'Keeffe display last year was unexpected but very high-end, with calfskin bags and custom prints available in multiple sizes.

A few days ago we were picking up mail and discovered the newly-built Postal Museum, across the street from the customer depot. The new annex and the exciting Mail Rail don't open till September, so we yielded to the temptation of the brightly-coloured shop instead.

We expected from the window to find mostly kid-focused products, but were pleasantly surprised to find a comfortable stock of books: letter collections by great writers, micro histories like pigeon post and war couriers, London guides and design retrospectives.

There were of course writing supplies - our weakness! We spent a blissful time sighing over Shaeffer fountain pens, mailbox journals and vintage-style stationery sets, butcher's twine, brown paper and washi tape.

We were unable to resist temptation in the end and got some stamps and a set of postcards with vintage designs.

We can't wait to send some correspondence to wonder | wander | women around the world!

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