Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Edgewater NJ - then and now

Memorial Day weekend found us at The Colony in Edgewater, New Jersey - a borough located along the west bank of the Hudson River in Bergen County.

It was once called Burdette's Landing where ferries transported agricultural produce from New Jersey across to New York.

During the American Revolution it housed General Washington's headquarters and later served as a landing for steamboats that plied the river.

Watch the new AMC historical thriller Turn for a visual reenactment of the Revolutionary War in and around this area.

It became popular as a sleepy pastoral resort town and quiet residential retreat from industrialized and overcrowded Manhattan.

In 1948 the Edgewater Colony, Inc., was founded by its 116 homeowners as a private cooperative. Today its current residents do not hold deeds of property but are instead issued shares at the same 1940 cost of $1,300.

Our weekend was spent in a newly refurbished residence on Shore Road, right by the water.

We had panoramic views of New York City across the river.

We meandered through private lanes peeking at secluded gardens and homes.

We hiked a trail that led under the George Washington Bridge.

With a view of the Little Red Lighthouse across the water. 

To fortify ourselves for the weekend, we got groceries at the nearby Mitsuwa Marketplace on River Road. More shopping mall than supermarket, this venue houses a food court, bakery, sushi bar, gift shop, bookstore and video shop.

One of the many beautiful dessert displays. 
These were some of the delights and treats we bought.

Prettily wrapped Japanese wagashi jelly.
Inside is a loquat embedded in sunshine.
Wrapped pancake with sweet bean paste.
Inside the lacework bears a lovely jelly blossom. 
These were the consummate meals we had.

Korean style barbecue ribs with red and brown rice and bokchoy.
Baked tofu and teriyaki chicken on a bed of rice,
ringed with Chinese cabbage.
It truly was a memorable weekend for us!

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