Wednesday, July 23, 2014

quiet time, green spaces too

One half of us is back in London and the Wonder Wander Women are missing each other! 

When we are in one place we always manage to find some quiet time to spend together, but once us time is over and we go back to our separate routines it's not as easy to keep doing. 

Back where I live in the US the places we visit for a little peace of mind are quite different from the UK parks Mahala posted last week

A sunshiny day at one of our regular bus stops.
Green hedges line the JFK highway. 
An abandoned church and it's overgrown grounds.

Union City, New Jersey is one of the most densely populated cites in the United States. Home to two major state established urban enterprise zones, the mixed uses of virtually all areas of the city allows residential homes to co-habit back to back with commercial establishments and light-industrial edifices. 

Its constant expansion to accommodate the needs of an ever-growing and largely immigrant population make the hunt for peace and quiet even more important and precious. When concrete and congestion yield to nature's glory we are truly blessed. 

Whatever it may lack in space and grace, is more than made up for by its local charm and the accommodating kindness of its residents. Union City NJ is a sprawling city with lots of heart! 

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