Wednesday, August 12, 2015

summer sendoff

After a hard night’s rain wonder | wander | women woke up to a summer washed away.  The light has changed - with the sun rising later and setting sooner.

"Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"

The air is crisp and clear and the nights have a nip now - leaving our skin prickly and cool to the touch. 

With no buildings to block our view and the breeze cooled by the expanse of water it blows across it sure feels like fall is here. 

And so we bid summer goodbye with one final hurrah!

As only New York City knows how – we are going out with a bang! 

Astrophotography by Tom Matheson

This year #TeamWoaWomen were at 188 Galerie with front row viewing at the corner of Broome and Lafayette. 

We share highlights of our blog for them on Summer Streets, the annual New York City program that lets pedestrians and cyclists takeover major city streets - mostly from Park to Lafayette.

The main attraction and star of the event is a 270-foot water slide  down the road at Foley Square, courtesy of Slide the City and major sponsor Vita Coco

Walking over from 188 Galerie was a sensory delight.

Families and friends were out in full force.

Fitness buffs and passersby could jump right in and get all wild and sweaty. 

Even the streets were all dolled up in colorful street art.

Long lines formed to get on the popular zip line

There’s still a last chance to get wet and wild on August 15 when Summer Streets comes to a close.

For any near NYC come on down and join us bid bye bye to summer! 

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