Thursday, February 18, 2016

weather panoramas

wonder | wander | women love our panoramas. For us it is the best way to capture a superb view. 

Panos have a way of swallowing up so much more light and shadow. Sucking us, its viewers, right into the frame.

A recent discovery of ours turned our camera images into even better ones. You know how the regular phone pano makes that annoying V shape at the center where you the photographer stands?

As with the second  and fourth images above. Yes, this V is  definitely distinct and annoying!

In the time we have been housebound due to the snow, rain and plummeting temperatures, we spent our time doing panos to capture the changing light.

In the process we made a fun and techy discovery which we are just too happy to share with you all. That V disappears when we take the pano with our phone on its side rather than upright. How neat is that?

Those of you who are xperienced techies and photographers may already have discovered this fine point.

But here at wonder | wander | women it's our new discovery and we're just the happiest clams over it!

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