Wednesday, April 20, 2016

paradise lost

Riding on last week's post. . . .they paved paradise. . . .

Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Island

wonder | wander | women are back in Southeast Asia.

Our original stomping grounds - first home, our roots, and our heritage - the tropics!

Home grown in the tropical rain forests of Negros Island in the Philippines.

We are happy to be back - even in the more than usual blistering heat of this summer's El NiƱo

Don Salvador Benedicto was established by consolidating all the  remote barangays of San Carlos City and the towns of Calatrava and Murcia which were apparently neglected due to inaccessibility. 

Birthplace of the art of kali, otherwise known as arnis or escrima. This cultural heritage was generally practiced by peasants and commoners. 

Pantheon of Arnis Grandmasters

It is a rich and colorful oral tradition and practice handed down from generation to generation, and from teacher to student. 

Arnis rattan bastons

Traditional bolos from the Visayan Islands

It is the traditional martial art of the Filipino people since the 7th century, designed for physical training, mental development and spiritual upliftment, as well as strengthening of a strong moral value foundation. 

Ancient kadatuan ortumao (noble class) Visayan couple of Panay

Any historical records of this indigenous martial art remain anecdotal, oral, or promotional. 

It is highlighted every year during  the celebration of the Kali-Kalihan Harvest Festival that also showcases various cultural and traditional activities of the region. 

Modern arnis tournament safety gear.

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