Tuesday, December 6, 2016

girrrl power : SHE rah! our HERoes

As the world seems to have gone to hell in a hand basket, wonder | wander | women choose to celebrate all girls and women all over the world!

Jean Bellegambe, Saint Anne conceiving the Virgin Mary

Here's to the death of patriarchy and the return and rise of a saner, kinder, gentler, more nourishing and nurturing matriarchal world.

Enough of this ridiculous posturing, chest thumping buffoons who think being elected President means they can rule with absolute impunity.

Women of the world are making themselves heard. This is not the future we envision for us all.

Where shame and hatred are freely cast about, we enfold all in the light and love of our open hearted embrace.

Where bullies and cowards try and wrestle or pin us down, we bond together and draw the lines that define a brighter better world for all.

Where disappointment and frustration feed dark forces, we sing our song loud and clear - encouraging, empowering, electrifying a new world into being by the strength of our word.

This is the Age of Aquarius - splendid cosmic stimulant - the age of independence and reinvention. When we are all violently allergic to being manipulated, utterly bored by convention, and no longer playing at being hard to get - we ARE hard to get.

The female of today is the antidote to these venomous times.

I am woman hear me roar, shaking us all to the core!

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