Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Somerset Skate: a holiday tradition

Every winter season a tradition pops up at some of London's more popular tourist attractions. The Museum of Natural History, Broadgate Circle, and Somerset House (among other places) open their courtyards to host ice skating!

Somerset House is London's most famous seasonal ice rink, with people waiting for ages in December just to grab an hour on the ice.

Ticket, promo card and guest bracelet for skating session

The rink is one of London's prettiest, with the neoclassical architecture of Somerset House and the Courtauld Institute of Art in the background.

The ice assistants are helpful and skilled; some of them are actually world-class athletes, including some of Britain's best figure skaters and Team Britain hockey players (men and women!). They were too fast to catch but we did get that other great attraction of ice skating: the Zamboni.

Before getting on the ice, prospective skaters can get a view of the rink from the viewing platform or the nearby Skate Lounge.

There's some good drawing inspiration in the crowds of varying skills. A little human drama, a little beauty and a lot of humour.

And when your fingers get cold, you can grab a mince pie and hot chocolate at the Skate Lounge.

Skate Lounge mince pies from this awesome post
by rocknrollerbaby.co.uk

Considering how many years it had been since our last skating session, we did pretty well! No clinging to the rails, nice turn of speed, and only two spills. We're dying to skate again - there's nothing like it for getting a winter glow!

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