Wednesday, March 29, 2017

American Gods & reluctant heroes

“there are no handy-dandy alternate universe doors that we can slip through into one of the universes that make sense and are a good place” ~ Neil Gaiman

wonder | wander | women have long been avid fans of Neil Gaiman. That rare writer who is as renowned for his original literature as for how he’s kept evolving as his fame and popularity continue to expand.

Gaiman’s many works have been adapted and acclaimed for decades now - from books to graphic novels, to audio, TV, and film releases. Apart from his many successes, we love and applaud him for the stellar human being he is. We wholly agree with Dana Schwartz of the Observer:

"Neil Gaiman is kind, warm, and funny, speaking with trailing, layering dependent clauses and making ready eye contact. He is childhood [insert your name here]’s imagination of what her favorite author would be like in person."

Aside from a new baby with wife Amanda Palmer, he’s working on two high-profile adaptations of his work, American Gods for Starz, and a version of Good Omens, which he decided to adapt after receiving a posthumous letter from the book’s co-author, Terry Pratchett.

From his response to the Brexit vote:

Heartbroken. Heartbroken and worried. And heartbroken and worried because—it is a patronizing thing to say of a country but—from the people I have talked to who were proudly on the side of leaving, I don’t think any of them understood quite what they were voting for.

To his views on Trump:

I hope they will realize the entertainment value of Donald Trump - which is enormous! It’s enormous. It’s like having a fat, flatulent orange clown with a pumpkin for a head entertaining you all the time. It’s incredibly entertaining. Far be it from me to in any way diminish his entertainment value. But, this is a real thing.

There's just so much to Neil that we admire!

Gaiman may still have little interest in becoming an activist and considers himself, above all else, a storyteller. What are storytellers if not the emotional historians of our time.

In a place in history when the global politics are inharmonious at best, the keepers and creators of story and art are who we turn to in order to remind ourselves of the eternal truths.

“We definitely are living in interesting times,” says Gaiman. “I think the role of the artist is always twofold. One is reacting to your time and the other is chronicling your time. And sometimes you’re doing it an unaware sort of way.”

We are particularly ecstatic over the success of his beloved "American Gods." Especially now that this genre-blending book is becoming a TV series that will premiere on Starz in 2017, under the supervision of show runners and creators Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) and Michael Green (Heroes).

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