Wednesday, December 23, 2015

festive feasts

Keeping to our December theme of food and celebration wonder | wander | women had our final family get together at the end of Hanukkah before flying off to different parts to celebrate Christmas separately this year.

On December 12 we came together for dinner on the eve before the last day of Hanukkah. For a day that started out blanketed in a thick soupy fog, by the time we went out for a five mile walk in the early afternoon it had thinned enough for us to capture some of these beautiful images.

From the Colony in Edgewater, New Jersey we walked down to the water's edge, under the George Washington Bridge, and past the Ross Dock Picnic Area in Fort Lee, then we returned via the higher road - giving us a refreshing and expansive perspective.

Sadly on a picnic here with some friends this summer they pulled a bridge jumper from the water. Our love and prayers go to the anonymous person and their family. It is a tragedy that has occurred too often.

The day was cool and overcast, perfect for capturing these images taken on our new gadget - the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

We returned just in time to shower and change, feeling totally vindicated to feast well after our long scenic trek. Not that we needed or were looking for a reason to either binge or abstain.

Warmed by the season's cheer and sentiments, we gather together to celebrate these holy days imbued with new energy and infused with new life.

In the spirit of irreverent celebration we had cochinillo for our main course - that's roasted baby sucking pig for the uninitiated. Definitely not kosher but ever so yummy!

Our Hanukkah Menu: 
  • roasted hazelnut and parsnip soup
  • fresh green salad with nuts, cranberries and baked apple slices
  • kugel 
  • roasted diced pumpkin and potato
  • baked salmon
  • cochinillo
  • tarte tatin - which Stephan the chef happily refers to as "hamburger," teasing us for a long past "mistake"

We lit the menorah candles as Hanukkah prayers and blessings were offered. Then we sat down in the warm glow of the fireplace, good company, effervescent conversation and a grand feast.

It was entertaining and enlightening to hear how our childhood memories and stories dovetailed and diverged on shared and diverse backgrounds and family traditions. We laughed and toasted each point, encouraging each other to share even more.

Giving our psyches a chance to let go and move on through in the company of 
loved ones, music, food and good cheer is such a blessed way to bring our 
gathering and the year to a close. 

Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! 

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