Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Some friends in the more suburban reaches of Greater London invited us for a glorious Christmas weekend. We spent three days in the company of dear friends and revelled in eating, drinking, playing 'auntie' to our friends' children, and enjoying time with people we love but don't seem to see often enough.

Picture courtesy of Jamie Kurihara, via Facebook

We also dolled up for Christmas Eve! Went all out with the eye makeup, a festive blue and gold with grey eyeliner. Usually our idea of makeup is some eyelash conditioner and lip gloss, so it was fun to get glitzy for a house party.

We were really excited, as this was the first time we would get to try a Christmas goose! Our friend Kiu is a great cook and experienced with roasts, but as she had never cooked a whole goose before we turned to the Internet for help. Luckily chef Gordon Ramsey was there for us.

Kiu was the queen of the table with her goose, but everyone pitched in - bringing dishes of fat-roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts with bacon, and in one case a glorious dish of roast pork with irresistible crackling. We helped with the stuffing, peeling Lincolnshire sausages and mixing the filling with a cooked mixture of apples and onions sprinkled with fresh sage. The resulting spread was spectacular!

Everyone heaped their plates and praised the cooks - and then inhaled the meal and went back for seconds.

This year had several firsts: that first Christmas goose. Kiu's new daughter had her first Christmas. We played Cards Against Humanity - none of us had played before, and we had a great time.

The feast continued right on through Christmas Day and even Boxing Day, as we ate caramel cake and apple custard - and kept revisiting that lovely goose, pork and potato combo.

There's something about eating food prepared by people you know and love, especially when they're good cooks. You can taste the care and the caring that goes into every dish, and your own appreciation makes it better. Good food in good company - a wonder | wander | women life requirement!

Happy Holidays!

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