Wednesday, March 9, 2016

gourmet dieting

wonder | wander | women are believers that suffering is optional. We love our life and choose to live it well.

So when we were given a four week liver detox the first order of the day was to come up with a creative menu to enjoy.

To ensure its success and our harmony and happiness we relinquished all meal preparations to family friend and personal chef, Stephan Belier.

Ahhh. . . .life is good!

Surrounded by family, happily ensconced at home, we fill our days with warm laughter and entertaining conversation - immersed in bouquets of flowers and generous gifts.

chocolate dipped fruit bouquet

fresh flowers from family & friends

Posts on social media about this have generated gasps of admiration and disbelief from our friends and followers. Even we are in awe at our blessed luck!

Where others could easily find themselves deprived, here we are eating well, being pampered, and living it all up.

cabbage rolls, berry medley, salad greens

mushrooms & asparagus, roast beef, chamomile panna cotta

fennel chicken, pears & greens, baked apple

wonder | wander | women are believers that health is wealth. We love good food. We yearn for good company. We pamper and nurture ourselves. Best of all we choose to be well and put well being foremost.

All is well in our world! 

Shabbat setup

serenity & harmony

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