Wednesday, March 30, 2016

the coming of spring

Easter has come and gone and the clocks have changed; we are now officially moving into spring!

After a winter almost as grim and dark as the latest comic book movie, wonder | wander | women are happy to see our planet slowly turning towards the sun again.

Lifting clouds lighten London's streets where before we had to walk in the gloom of grey stone reflecting the grey sky. As the writer Bill Bryson put it, 'it was like living inside Tupperware.'

Even the warmest colours dimmed in the faded daylight.

Snow dusted New York, and fog drifted through the silent green spaces in London.

We crowded into spaces that would catch all available natural light - what little there was of it.

But the sun has shown its face, and warmer days are approaching!

Easter followed the vernal equinox, leaving behind hopeful symbols of new life and growth. In the ancient Persian calendar, this time marked the New Year (Nowruz) - a time to celebrate the end of the long nights, to plant and prepare the land.

Happy Spring!

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