Wednesday, March 2, 2016

London Town: oddments and curiosities

Living close to the centre of town eliminates the need for public transport. Experiencing city life at a walking pace changes the way wonder | wander | women see our adopted hometown, revealing little details we would miss if zooming by on a bus or bike.

The Lion and; the Scottish Unicorn has lost its horn!

There's a very British sense of humour that pervades London; shop owners love using puns to name their businesses, and often have a quirky approach to decor.

Who doesn't want a cool travel accessory from Bagman and Robin?

Or get a beard trim from Barber Streisand?

Vintage glasses shop Kings Cross Eyes keep their name simple and let their windows do the talking. Flying saucer toys and children's sci-fi magazines give a retrofuturistic feel that complements the vintage fashion.

This season's theme seems to be 'to boldly see what no man has seen before'.

Captain Kirk and Commander Spock levitate on baubles, displaying eyewear of various styles.

Lieutenant Uhura (one of our favourite wonder | wander | women) serenely views an alien landscape.

British city planners also loved adding mythical creatures and figures of legend to the urban landscape. Carved dragons threaten passersby from the arches of Smithfield Market in Farringdon...

...while statues of serene goddesses and saucy youths like this David on Hyde Park Corner pose on columns around the city.

It's this combination of tradition and tongue-in-cheek that makes London the city we know and love.

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