Friday, March 6, 2015

slow down

Recently it seems as if most of the world is going through massive upheaval. As soon as we catch up in our lives, the world moves forward again and we have another paradigm shift to deal with. Tranquility seems rare and far away.

Sometimes this gives us tunnel vision, focused only on how to deal with the next big change that rocks our world. Sometimes, though, it gives us startling insight on things in our lives that we previously took for granted.

A casually-designed office space becomes a strange wonderland.

Relics of another time appear in new forms in our modern cities.

A simple staircase becomes a work of modern art.

Even the streets you walk on every day can become a dialogue between you and an unknown artist.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield says that when everything in our life is out of our hands, the only thing we can still change is our attitude.

Sometimes to regain our balance, we just need to take a walk, and keep our eyes, minds and hearts open.

Happy weekend everyone!

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