Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SEO Scholars NYC - a dream program

wonder | wander | women would like to introduce our viewers to one of our pet projects - The Sponsors for Edu­ca­tional Oppor­tu­nity (SEO) Scholars Program.

SEO Scholars is a free eight-year academic program that gets low-income public high school students through college with a 95% college graduation rate. Thousands of applicants from New York City and San Francisco public schools vie for a few hundred seats in the SEO Program.

Even on their Spring Break, the scholars are being kept busy. A third of them are taking their second to last SAT practice test before they take their first official one on May 2nd. 

After they complete the test, they will be participating in a workshop to begin fundraising for their Summer Enrichment Programs. During the workshop, each student will be creating a Piggybackr page

They are responsible for raising a minimum amount of money depending on which type of program they are attending ($100 to $350). The amount of money each student raises goes into a pool to ensure that every Scholar is able to attend an Enrichment Program without any parent or guardian contribution.The total class goal is $30,000. 

Piggybackr gives the students the option to send out their fundraising accounts to their networks. As their mentors, we are included in their networks although we were also advised we were in no way obligated to contribute monetarily to their fundraising efforts. 

Rather, we are encouraged to share the link with our networks. As it is with us, should any of our viewers wish to contribute to the class goal, we also ask that you do not give over $25 each. 

The SEO Scholars are ultimately accountable for their own fundraising efforts.

We are so very proud of them and are sure they succeed admirably! 

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