Wednesday, September 2, 2015

birthday reflections

It was my birthday yesterday and I celebrated by taking myself on a date: walking, shopping, eating. Spending time alone after a hectic few months.

Limehouse Cut Canal

Reflecting back on the past year made me think of New Year traditions in different cultures: looking at our previous actions with wiser and kinder thoughts, learning our lessons and moving past our obstacles. Especially when we stand in our own way.

The Docklands Light Railway line

The beginning of the year is the best time to take a good hard look at ourselves. What have we been working for? Is it still what we want in our life? And if so, how can we get closer this year?

While a birthday is similar to New Year, it's also very personal. It's a universal experience that is also unique to each one of us. For some it's morbid or sad, for others a cause to celebrate. This year is about reconnecting with myself in the face of some big changes, and about being grateful for everything that's come before!

St. Pancras Hotel

So many blessings this year! What a magical city London is, with fairytale palaces next to bus stops and medieval castles nestled in the middle of busy intersections.

Transparent model of a woman at the Wellcome Collection

Working for a science museum is rarely tedious, with new exhibits and events going on all the time. The place invites us to explore the mysteries of the human experience, and helps start some wonderful conversations with new friends. 

It's easy to find something beautiful, odd or inspiring when going around the local area. Big cities are full of this kind of surprise, and it's a constant thrill.

Girl and the Jaguar, Tom Harvey, Regent's Park

Sometimes a work of art seems to appear out of nowhere and speak directly to the viewer. But it says something different to everyone, because really we're speaking to ourselves. We just have to pay attention.

Here's to next year: to lessons received, and appreciated. Be good to ourselves and others - be wiser and kinder. Pay attention and say what I mean. Look forward and move forward!

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