Wednesday, August 10, 2016

family movie date at iPic

Love going to the movies but are loath to leave the lap of luxurious comfort at home? Now we may not have to give one up to gain the other. 

Hamid Hashemi's dine-in theater, iPic Hudson Lights, may be the answer to a pampered movie going experience away from even the best home theater. 

This August, iPic Entertainment has expanded out of Boca Raton, Florida and opened in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

With its eight-screen, 533-seat luxury movie theater and award-winning Tanzy dining concept, it's a lot more than just popcorn and candy, with waiters serving ritzy takes on American comfort food. 

After much delay and lots of hoopla Tucker Development Corporation's Hudson Lights is finally open for business. 

A premium seat without membership starts at $15, although it's another ten dollars for the full treatment. Drinks and dinner (exclusive of dessert) can add up to the triple digits. 

iPic encourages patrons to take full advantage of the free first level of membership, which offers discounts and first cracks at tickets. 

Further feel good points can be racked up with ‪#‎CharityWeek proceeds from sales going to beneficiaries like Children's Specialized Hospital and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

To tend to our comfort and demand for an enjoyable experience, iPic theaters feature original art, high end food, premium drinks, plush leather seating and even butler service with black dressed staff and ninja-look-alike servers.

Hashemi, CEO of iPic Entertainment, claims their staff were trained to get in and out of the theater without disrupting our movie experience.

This was not so in our case - although we got there early, we could not get a server to take our order sooner - and so our movie begun before we got our food. Eating in the dark is no fun at all. Plus the hot towelettes promised after a meal just never arrived.

Bummer! Let's hope these were just opening day kinks that can quickly be repaired. 

Maybe it would have been better to have had dinner and drinks next door at City Perch Kitchen and Bar - either before or after the movie.

The movie itself was a delight! Loved the reclining seat with cozy blanket and pillow provided.  

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