Wednesday, January 11, 2017

post holiday blahs

wonder | wander | women love the way rain curtains down on us back in Negros Island.

Its flatness lends itself to some spectacular lightning shows and thunderstorms. 

The Philippines was hit by quite a big storm on Christmas day and since then the hush of raindrops on the leaves and the swoosh of branches lashing in the wind have been our constant companions. 

The sun can barely manage to peek intermittently in and out of bilious cloud cover and misty haze - and only for some too brief blissful moments. 

It makes for great bed weather and extended siestas. 

But this unusually long drawn out wetness is ill timed and prolonged. 

This old video captures how wet the days have been here.

No lazing lapping in the clear cool water of our backyard pool. 

No sneaky treks up the spine of our close by mountain ranges. 

No long drawn out days at the beach. 

No sleeping out under the canopy of brilliant stars. 

When paper droops moist and limp from their pages you know you've had too much rain. 

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