Wednesday, May 17, 2017

inside out

This has been the craziest Spring season yet here in the East Coast. It seems like the weather has gotten as unpredictable as our current political state.

For starters we are in the middle of May people [!?!] and it is only now starting to warm up enough to finally shut off our heaters.

Since the last blizzard in March it seems like we have only had either wintry days or summer days but no spring days whatsoever. 

Unbelievable but true. It has either been wet and stormy or blistering in the 70s and 80s. Maddening!

Lucky for us our flowering trees and shrubs are having none of this procrastinating indecision and just going at it in their full glory. Come what may!

Walking around we are as likely to see colorful canopies of petals on the trees and shrubs.

As much as their carpeting all over sidewalks and streets in their powder puff fineness.

All a blaze and in bloom, these jewels of nature brighten any day.

Their sweet scents waft through breezes - warm or cool.

Busy birds flit and flutter - weaving their nests in hidden branches and brambles.

Twittering. Twirling. Trilling.

Bees and bugs abound, Buzzing to pollinate, proliferate, or be pounced upon.

Weeds and leaves burst and bud in grand profusion.

All of us are eager to unwrap ourselves and bask in sunshine and warmth.

Happy spring is finally here!

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