Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Batten down the hatches! We are in the eye of our fourth Nor'easter this March. Just in time for the Spring Equinox.

Eye of the storm.

For those who haven't experienced it, Nor'easters are usually accompanied by very heavy rain or snow, and can cause severe coastal flooding, coastal erosion, hurricane-force winds, or blizzard conditions.

Nor'easters are usually most intense during winter in New England and Atlantic Canada. Winter storm warning remains in effect all along the Eastern Seaboard.

mapping the storm

Flight cancellations, transportation delays, and damage to personal property from falling trees and power lines will cause this to be yet another high-impact economic disruption." ~ AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist and Long-Range Forecaster David Samuhel

Heavy precipitation is expected in California over the next couple days. Several inches of rain may lead to flash flooding in southern/central California, including debris flows from burn scars.

Up to five feet of snowfall is expected in the Sierra Nevada. With the fourth Nor'easter of March bringing heavy snow, wind, and coastal flooding to the Mid-Atlantic and New England.

On top of the hill over here in Weehawken, New Jersey we remain safe and snug indoors as we gaze out on a world that's been white outed.

Good thing wonder | wander | women had done a recent major supply ran to H Mart in Fort Lee where we made the mistake of grocery shopping while starving. Its turned out great as now we are fortified for weeks.

In the event of an emergency we are amply supplied if we are to remain house bound. We have fridge and pantry bursting with all sorts of goodies.

Veggies. Fruit. Fish. Fowl. Meat - already marinated and prepped. Rice. Coffee. Tea. Heat.

roasting chesnuts on a bain marie

We are in hogs heaven for sure. Hope the rest of you are happy campers too.

Tinanok - boiled plantain

Be well and stay safe folks.

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