Wednesday, June 17, 2015

new logo joint collaboration

Fourteen years later I decided to opt for a new logo. It took wonder | wander | women two years to get it done. Not because we were taking our time but because it was important to us.

The change from the former logo to this one was a journey that took us from our former life into this current one. We were in need of a logo that captured this as well as the potential yet to unfold.

The collaboration went back and forth between Mahala and myself. At times all consuming, at times buried beneath the detritous of our lives.

But mostly there was the ever growing need as we outgrew the old and celebrated the new.

The former logo was in the style of a Chinese chop I had done in Hongkong for my 36th [?] birthday. Although I had yet to open my creative design business or obtain my first initiated name I designed the chop initially to stamp on my artwork.

In 2006 we cobbled a design together loving its dual facet. Positioned one way it stood for my initials I.C.U - positioned on its side it formed another set of initials B.C.D. - for my then newly initiated name Bhakti and my then new purpose creative design.

This new logo is a clearer more evolved brand identity. Shifting from the vaguely oriental chop to a defined Filipino and significantly Bisaya image with the old Baybayin calligraphy applied.

Bhakti Issa Urra

The new logo was a collaborative effort - created by me, digitally executed by Mahala and instigated by a gift from fellow artist and seeker Perla Daly

She says our logo art looks like music and maybe it is the music of the spheres. At its center the sliver of a crescent is what some call Shiva's Moon. 

The red hot passionate color of a personal fire deepened into undulating indogo shades of ocean depths and limitless space.

The hand drawn mandala is one of many recurring themes in my artwork through the years.

After several variants the final cohesive effect is the result of focused brand identity that allows for a more expanded inclusiveness and universality.

We take great pride and fulfilment in this obra maestra of ours.

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