Friday, May 27, 2016

feast your senses

Ani Villas Thailand is an amazing dream destination. A visit here is a warm intimate embrace in the luxurious lap of which the nurturing Thais are world famous for.  

gastronomic delights in a heavenly haven

Beyond being beautiful, our hearts were completely won over by the venue staff. From when we landed at the Phuket airport, to the local docks, and the convoy to our villas - we were attended to with the welcoming hospitality and gentle old world care Thailand specializes in.

Chef Yao featured in Trip Advisor

Having Chef Yao in residence, the executive chef at Ani Villas Thailand, to deliver our world-class dining experience was a gastronomical delight beyond compare.

grilled prawns in lemongrass skewers with peanut sate dip

a steamer basket of delicate dimsum delights for breakfast

Eggs Benedict for a hefty breakfast choice

Whether Asian, Western, international, or fusion, our dining experience with Chef Yao woke our palates and sated our senses with a varied blend of spices, flavours, and textures.

Each presentation matched visual delight and aromatic bouquet with uniquely flavoured dishes. Tables were decorated in an assortment of tropical blooms and each plated setting came with whimsically folded napkins. Wait for yet another blog installment for these!  

Mahala loooves her chicken! And Chef Yao had her in seventh heaven with many many variations!

our surprising array of chicken dishes

From fresh catch of the day to well aged melt in your mouth meats, we were treated to a constant and copious stream of gourmet, traditional, and healthy feasts. 

You would think the tropics too warm a place for soup. Although some soups are just too yummy to pass on!

Thailand grows a variety of world class rice, yet they do not eat as much rice in their meals as we do. We just love our rice so much more!

Most of all, we love our sugar! As we say, "life's uncertain, eat dessert first". We can never have too much of Chef Yao's creative concoctions.

Always save room for dessert!

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