Wednesday, June 29, 2016

IN & OUT gray drippy days

Where did the sun go?

Photograph by Lee Searle, courtesy of Daily Telegraph UK

This month the sun dimmed and the air chilled back to spring temperatures, especially in the UK where thunderstorms and flash floods heralded weeks of clouds and drizzle.

Photograph from Daily Telegraph UK

People joke that the weather is Britons' favourite topic, but we had a lot to talk about when flooding stopped our transport and invaded local neighbourhoods, even causing minor landslides.

Photograph from The Daily Mirror

This year's Glastonbury festival was the wettest and muddiest ever, causing 12-hour gridlock and awful conditions for holidaymakers.

Photograph from BBC News

Days before the festival even opened, determined music fans endured the traffic, pouring rain and swampy conditions to celebrate Britain's biggest 'summer' festival. Glastonbury's always been famous for its contrary, rainy weather, but this year will set a record.

Photograph from Accuweather

Rain is also predicted to disrupt Wimbledon 2016, causing delays to matches. Still, we hope that the current murky conditions clear up soon and more cheerful days will be in store.

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