Thursday, February 2, 2017

garden walks

The wonder | wander | women are hardly ever in the same time zone, much less in the same place. So we spend as much time as we can in each other's company. Our favourite thing to do together (besides eating!) is take walks around our neighbourhood. (Often after eating!)

Our walks often end up taking a lot longer than we intended because we also love taking pictures. Somehow when we're together we notice a lot more things that we want to record. Or maybe our neighbourhood is unusually pretty for a gated subdivision!

The river that runs around our fence

There's a surprising diversity of life around. Of course the plants along the walkway are all planted and landscaped, but we always see signs of different animals that have made the gardens their home.

Periwinkles along the path

A wasps' nest - very interesting, but we didn't want to get too close!

An owl butterfly.

A yellow-breasted finch with a loud, metallic voice.

We took lots of pictures of the flowers themselves. These are species we have grown up with, but we never get tired of how pretty they are.

Kalachuchi, often planted in cemeteries

Spider lilies

We used to call these 'fingernail daisies' in school.

Jasmine, a favourite garden plant

The best part of our walks is spending time together and sharing the view! It's always too soon before we have to fly off to different parts of the world again, but we're happy to have made more memories to cherish.

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