Wednesday, February 22, 2017

back in Edgewater

wonder | wander | women are back Stateside in Edgewater, New Jersey - our family base over here.

This pocket of quite sits on the banks of the Hudson River, overlooking the magnificent Manhattan skyline across the water.

It is the perfect place to weather watch and bask in the changing light all day everyday 24/7.

We never tire of this surroundings. How the same scene can be so different all the time.

As we get over our jet lag we take countless panoramic photos - all day, every day - that barely capture its beauty.

So close to nature, breathing in the fresh clean air, under this expansive sky, our spirits are enthused.

Last year this was the scene of deep healing for us siblings.

After a near catastrophic accident, it provided the ideal sanctuary in which to cocoon ourselves in as time washed over us and eased our anxieties and anticipation over outcomes beyond our control.

This year we are reunited under the same roof, celebrating the happy circumstances that have unfolded for each of us since.

We count our blessings and are grateful for our shared company, love, and family. Alleluia!

May these images bring you as much harmony and joy as they have brought us.

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