Thursday, August 17, 2017

celebrating Anya

Today is Anya's birthday. Our families are truly grateful and blessed to have her in our lives!

She and Mahala were the ruling princessa kampupots of our joined households until little Ellie arrived recently.

More than that Anya, like her mother before her, yet in her own unique style, has been the official organizer of us all.

Personal assistant to her parents early on and to manang and Russ when she moved to the States to finish college.

She is the true manang of our lives - herding her siblings under her ever protective wing - Mahala always included as well.

Then she married Jojo, our fave host and father, protector and sustainer of our families - feeding and caring for us constantly.

On top of this Anya is also our baby maker extraordinaire! Gifting us with four of their children who brighten our lives with their every breath, expanding and enhancing our heritage for generations.

She is most definitely beloved to us all. Happy Glorious Birthday to you, sweetheart!

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