Wednesday, August 2, 2017

summer wear from 188 Galerie NYC

wonder | wander | women are distinctly blessed with our own personal shopper and fashionista extraordinaire - Greg Urra of Vintage Black Label and 188 Galerie.

This summer I started documenting my Sunday trips to the store and the feel good high lights of my days in New York City.

Outside 188 Galerie

City slickers in New York may not dress up as much as in the old days but they definitely put on an interesting show when it comes to unique individual styles.

Even with the hot summer sun beating down on us, when on the steaming sweltering streets of NYC we work at keeping up our cool factor.

Easier said than done for me - I have always been a healthy perspirer but the muggy summers of this city can test our limits.

Light cottons and breezy loose tops are my chosen faves for beating this.

We may be having a heat wave with temperatures rising and climate change challenges but these Vintage Black Label outfits keep us cool and standing out in this NYC crowd.

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