Thursday, September 7, 2017

Eating with friends: a birthday celebration!

Every birthday marks a new year, so why not treat it like a true New Year's celebration? Some years it's good to spend the day alone in contemplation. Some years we might throw a huge party, or have family dinner on top of the world. This year I wanted some quiet time, but also a touch of sparkle, and the company of a dear friend.

Image courtesy of Jamie Kurihara

Of course I couldn't resist adding a touch of nerdiness to my glamour, or I wouldn't have felt quite like myself! And you should feel the most like yourself on your birthday.

I've always found my work and daily routines satisfying. But birthdays are special! It was bliss to set aside a day to spoil myself, and also be able to treat a good friend to a great meal.

Image courtesy of Romulo Café

Romulo Café is the London branch of a popular Manila restaurant, and the first example of Filipino fine dining in London. While we love Lutong Pinoy at Earls Court and Josephine's on Charlotte Street, Romulo Café brings that touch of pure Manila magic that turns comfort eating into a classier, grown-up experience.

Pork sisig and spicy tuna kinilaw (kilawin in Tagalog)
Image courtesy of Jamie Kurihara
Prawns in crab fat sauce (aligue)
Laing (a spinach-like vegetable) with coconut milk and crispy onions
Garlic fried rice - essential!

You might recognise my friend Jamie from some of our Christmas posts. She's an amazing foodie and one of the friends I love discovering new restaurants with. She also grew up eating Filipino food with friends in the US, so it was an extra pleasure to introduce her to all the comfort food I grew up eating at home!

Image courtesy of Jamie Kurihara

Of course even with pan de sal and all the delicious food, not to mention glasses of sparkling calamansi juice, we still had room for dessert.

Sans Rival - a Romulo specialty
Banana turon - plantain with jackfruit, wrapped in spring roll wrapper and deep fried.
The Romulo version comes with a caramelised sauce and jackfruit ice cream!

Food with friends is our favourite way to celebrate special occasions. Like friends do, we talked about everything from our everyday lives to the dinner we were having to future plans: reaffirming our past, present and future. And at the end of the night, we had a whole new set of good memories to carry into the coming year.

Image courtesy of Jamie Kurihara


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