Wednesday, October 18, 2017

autumn foraging

The weather is definitely turning murkier and cool, everything washing out into monochrome. Bill Bryson compares the constant overcast to 'living inside Tupperware'.

It's harder to leave the house on days like this. Daily walks are windy, damp, and require more layers. Easier to curl up with a blanket and spend the day drawing, writing, or reading a comforting book.

Today's model is an anatomical prop from work named Mr Thrifty.
He's our book reviewer.

But we behoove ourselves! No matter how damp, fresh air is good for the body and soul. And even grey days give us something to look at on our walks.

We found some pleasant surprises in the wet green: Mushrooms! Our favourite fungus grows everywhere, even in suburban flowerbeds and around lamp posts.

Warning: do not pick mushrooms in a city, not even in a park. They're nourished by good wet soil and sometimes fertiliser, but also by dog poop and polluted rain. Hit the many farmer's markets in London and you can get handfuls of delicious country mushrooms for one or two pounds sterling.

Some late-season blooms still grow, breaking up the muted colours of autumn. The flower boxes in people's windows spill over, and beautiful drops of colour hang on to wet hedges in our neighbourhood.

The sun might be fading, but there's lots of colour and life in the city. Deep greens and berry colours, mushrooms and wet-weather flowers...there's a lot to be grateful for this season!

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