Tuesday, January 9, 2018

blue skies over Bacolod

Whenever wonder | wander | women return to our coastal hometown and tropical island, we fall in love all over again with our eternal blue skies and towering puffy clouds.

On the inter island flight home.

We have countless pictures and posts of them long before we started blogging. Now we have a forum in which to post them and share them with you.

The changing landscape of our island home.

With the terrible winter weather in our separate homes in the UK and US, we are even more appreciative to be here now.

Pre-sunrise shot

Even with a few local storms blustering through for the holidays we were still left with many warm and sunny days.

We would rather focus on the vast expanse of blue sky overhead than on the encroaching subdivisions eating up our sugarcane fields.

It's so sad when the urban growth prioritizes commercialization over preservation of our island heritage.

Especially when other neighboring islands with bigger populations and greater expansion manage to keep their old buildings and parks.  

Shouldn't growth lead to improvement as well? We wish to preserve our heritage and culture in the process. Rather than pave over paradise.

Even if it comes to pass that undulating sugarcane fields no longer form our landscape, we hope our roots are always remembered and honored.

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