Wednesday, January 3, 2018

grey and green - a stormy New Year!

While typhoons ravage the Philippines, wind and rain hit the UK at speeds of up to 60 kph.

Picture from BBC Weather

Storm Dylan had just finished battering Scotland when Storm Eleanor swept through the southern end of the island, causing damage, banging windows and flailing branches.

Picture from BBC Weather

Luckily, living in a city centre keeps us out of the worst damage of this short-lived tempest. Some trash was knocked over and a few poor fruit trees scoured clean, but that's all that happened in this peaceful neighbourhood.

Everything is wet and dark after a storm. Branches hang soaked and battered from wet wind.

Streets and buildings drip and rattle, colours dimmed to a uniform grey.

After this steady soaking, green things start growing even in impossible ground, creeping over iron and cement.

But if you're in a safe, warm home on high ground, a storm is a beautiful thing to watch. Clouds form an ever-changing landscape over the grey houses.

And after the noise and drama is over, a light breaks through to remind us that sunshine is coming soon.

Happy New Year!

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