Wednesday, July 15, 2015

on top of the world

Because my sister thought I was turning 60 we ended up booking my birthday dinner at Asiate - Mandarin Hotel's fine dining flagship restaurant in New York City - overlooking Central Park and Columbus Circle.

At times a mistake turns out to be the very best thing!

After all what difference does a year make? Time enough to plan how to outdo the celebration same time next year - when I do turn 60. It is my wish that by then wonder | wander | women celebrate our birthdays together.

Birthdays are the best! A new beginning, the cycle of life completing its circuit of 365 days. The unique and special life stream of an individual and the world of experiences created, circling close at each year's end.

Being of Chinese descent it is tradition that we have two birth ages - the regular one that starts at the hour of our birth and the celestial one that starts at the moment we are conceived.

Ascended Masters teach that one's birthday is the most sacred day of the year for a human being. Every person celebrating a new birth date receives an outpouring from every Ascended Being - making the mundane practice of extending gifts a faint reflection of this blessed inner experience.

Couture Gift Wrap by Kate's Paperie

This does not need to be a personal belief or practice in order to benefit us with its sweetness. Birthdays are the best occasion to celebrate oneself - to glory in one's life and appreciate its many blessings.

On this birthday I basked in the warm glow of family and friends, recounting years of shared memories and laughter.

Foie Gras

Roasted Rabbit

Blessed bliss to be seated at a corner table on top of the world - being treated to the most beautiful mouth watering dishes that fed our bodies and made our spirits soar.

Happy Birthday to me!

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